Our Mission, Vision and Purpose

Providing Essentials for Everyone

Since the beginning, our mission has been to provide the basic essentials, like food, clothing, and support services to those who cannot provide for themselves. We believe that the caring hands that work together to run our organization are sharing common resources to provide for those in need. We are able to accomplish this with the help of our board of directors, our volunteers and our generous donors.

What We Hope to Achieve

Food insecurity and hunger are not always visible. It can be difficult to completely understand if you haven’t experienced it yourself but we hope to at least enlighten our community members in regards to what their neighbours might be struggling with. We want to bring greater awareness to food insecurity and help individuals and organizations become more aware of the needs that are present in our community. Our vision as an organization is to create compassion in our community by meeting the human needs of our community members. To do so, we aim to unite and enable community members to feed and clothe their neighbours that are in need.

Why We Do It

We do provide food and clothing for those in need but we also strive to improve the overall quality of life for community members. Those who experience food insecurity are more likely to also experience more stress. By helping them to find solutions to this one problem we can at least help alleviate some of that stress.

The Lacombe Community Food Bank understands there are different reasons why people turn to food banks for support which is why we also share opportunities for our clientele to reduce their dependence on community service resources and provide them with a longer term solution.

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